EMARAT’S CSR Programme


Environment Friendly Technology:

We are at the forefront of sustainable building in our industry. We have the capacity and know-how to implement the most modern technologies in our field. We have already built three LEED certified buildings and are actively seeking involvement in further similar projects.

Keeping Environment Secure:

We accurately assess the potential environmental impact of all our projects. Every site is subject to a formal study covering normal environmental concerns, including the possible impact of our construction activities on the local flora and fauna.

Using Environment Friendly Materials:

As a major construction contractor, we use significant amounts of materials for each of our projects. The efficient and effective usage of these materials is of paramount importance to us. Wastage is minimized at all times; we re-use our scaffolding and construction timber whenever appropriate.

Water Saving ISO Standards:

The majority of our business takes place in countries with arid, desert climates where water is a very precious commodity. We are keenly aware of this and always strive to minimize water usage, by implementing not only ISO standards but also our own incremental procedures at our sites and production facilities.

Saving Energy in Construction:

Controlling energy usage is critical to our operations. We have invested heavily in energy-efficient systems and technology, as well as in the on-going training and awareness of all our employees regarding energy usage best practice.

Our Strategy

At EMARAT, our philosophy is that our own success is directly related to our clients' current and future requirements.