EMARAT’S CSR Programme


Making Safe & Secure:

We are committed to maintaining a diverse workforce and have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination based on gender, religion, ethnic origin, etc.

Transparent Payroll System:

Our payroll is based on a grade system, where levels are clearly defined and transparent. Overtime work is strictly quantified and paid at a premium, in accordance with the law.

Employee Conduct Guidelines:

We have robust employee conduct guidelines which clearly outline acceptable behaviour. Every employee has an effective channel to voice concerns or grievances. All notifications of this nature are thoroughly investigated by the relevant supervisory personnel.

Relevant Training Programme

We consistently provide relevant training for all employees throughout the Company. Setting an appropriate ethical and moral framework for our employees is an integral part of this process. This is encompassed in a formal Code of Ethics.

Employee Initiative Programme

We run a number of employee initiatives, the most popular of which include 'Tuition re-imbursement' and 'Fast Track'. Both of these programmes allow promising employees quicker career progression with financial assistance from the company.


Community is the second element of our CSR programme, in this element we follow the strong and effective policies to make a trustworthy and reliable construction company in the industry. Click on the below button and read more about our Community element.